We welcomed our new part-time Rector, The Revd.Canon Jeffry Smith, when he was Instituted on the 15th January 2015. He is with us on Sundays and two days during the week visiting, taking home communions, a monthly service in Victoria Lodge Care home and generally getting to know us. He comes having served in America, Bermuda, Southern England and most recently four Churches in the Glendale group in Northumberland.

As a church congregation we are the successors of those early Episcopalians who were living in Coldstream at the end of the nineteenth century, who worshipped in the ‘Tin Tab’ and then built the present Church; we are also people who have come to work in, or have retired to, the town over the intervening years.

In the past years, St. Mary’s enjoyed the ministry of a number of part-time and retired priests who led our Sunday services, including the Revd.Dale Gray and the late Revd.Gordon Tams and the full-time Revds.Malcolm Lockey & Christopher Knights.

For some years, until November 2013, we were linked with St. Andrew’s in Kelso but since a successful Stewardship campaign in the summer of 2014 we are delighted to be able to have our own part-time Rector and to establish an independent ministry again.

Canon Brian Cowen is a valued member of the congregation and takes some services. We are extremely grateful to them all.

Members of the congregation participate fully in the services by reading lessons, leading intercessions and serving at the altar. There is a traditional pipe organ but, since our organist for sixty five years retired, our music is presently provided by a computerised music player, a Keyplayer or by local organists.

The church is governed by its Constitution which entrusts management to an elected Vestry. At present the Vestry has the following members: Mr Alex Bremner, Mrs Rae Cryer (lay representative), Caroline Douglas-Home (church warden, secretary, treasurer and property manager), Mrs Marlene Gilder, Mrs Eleanor Moffat, Mrs Dorothy Temple and Mr Peter Young (church warden and sacristan).

Along with all other Episcopal Churches we are an independent registered charity and finance our own life and mission. We raise money by pledged giving, weekly collections and fund-raising events. The Treasurer can provide forms for Standing Orders or weekly envelope packs. We contribute to the life of the wider church through payment of the Diocesan quota and by contributing to various charities.